Tata Motors On Prep

PT Tata Motors Indonesia plans to bring a ranks of four-wheel vehicles in Indonesia, including the Nano, after opening a dealership network along with an assembly plant in Indonesia in 2013. 

Tata Nano become the center of attention from the visitors of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2012 in Tata Motors booth located in the Jakarta Fair arena. The car draws visitors curiousity, primarily related to the sale price, availability, and time of booking. Tata Motors Indonesia has not yet announced the price of Tata Nano, the Tata sales staff says Nano will be sold in the range of IDR 70 million.

Tata Nano has 624 cc two-cylinder engine and produces 38 PS power located on the rear side of the car, a concept also used by classic VW. Tata claims that this rear wheel drive car can be driven up to speeds of 105 km / h and 4,000 rpm of torque. In spite of the engine, the Nano also has a unique location of the fuel hole filler and spare tire which is placed on the front trunk.

With the distance between the front wheels and the rear 2230 millimeters, the car-sized wheels 48x12 it has 4 Meters turning radius. The vehicle has four speed transmission with the long 3099 mm, width 1495 mm, height 1652 mm, and ground clearance 180 millimeters.

The India based company also utilizes Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2012 as a platform to introduce themselves and their products to the homeland automotive consumer, including the Tata Nano CNG fueled gas.
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