Mercedes-Benz B-200 second generation

PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI) has launched a new generation of city car called the Mercedes-Benz B-200. The car is the second product after the first generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class that have been circulating since 2005.

Machine used was a four-cylinder gasoline engine 1.6 liter that produces maximum 156 horsepower with a  direct injection, "turbo charging" and the double clutch transmission (dual clutch) 7G-DTC. While the peak torque of the engine can reach up to 250nm at 1250 rpm.

Although high-performance, the vehicle is claimed to take just 5.9 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers with a value of 138 grams of carbon dioxide emissions per kolometer thus saving 12 percent of its predecessors.

The second generation B-Class has a dimension of 4.3 meters long , 1.8 meters wide and 1.5 meters or 5 cm lower than the previous model with a more upright seating position or minus 86 millimeters from the road surface than the first generation.

The B-200 also equiped with large radiator grille and headlights are fused together to stretch the body while the back side of the window width is dominated cohesive pair of rear lights and side of body horizontal to blend with the door. Wind resistance value is only 0.27 cd that is aerodynamically coupled to the airflow around the front wheels, and underbody air flow for cooling.

In the interior, the dashboard layout is made of three-dimensional pattern with three circular vents in the middle and large-screen color on it. Steering wheel has three rods: one rod in the center featured a chrome silver and two bars on the right and left of each equipped with four buttons and one button press and the cancellation of the program.

Another excellent feature of this car is the ECO star/stop feature that automatically shut off the engine when the car stops and turn on the car, users only need to press the accelerator again. For safety, this car provides active parking assist, airbags for driver and front passenger, space to put a child seat, anti-lock braking system, and hill-start assist.

The car was marketed in two colors black and white, and released at a price equal to the Mercedes Benz B-Class the first generation of IDR 439 million off the road.
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