GM will build Chevrolet Spin in Indonesia

General Motors announced it will manufacture Multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) Chevrolet Spin in Indonesia. This seven-passenger vehicle will start production at GM's manufacturing facility in Jakarta, West Java, from early 2013.

GM invested $ 150 million to reopen the plant facility in Calcutta area of 11 hectares which will produce about 40,000 vehicles a year and opened 800 new jobs.

Chevrolet Spin a small MPV is the only one that offers a six-speed automatic transmission in its class. Spin offers an affordable price. "

Chevrolet Spin offers five or seven seats, depending on vehicle configuration. Chevrolet Spin provide flexibility, such as saloon car handling, the ability to transport goods and fuel use is very economical with the look of the exterior thanks to a sturdy SUV and a wide view.

In the interior, the cabin Chevrolet Chevrolet Spin describes the commitment to deliver more value than expected with various levels of detail and exclusivity that is usually found on the type of vehicle is higher than the class.

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