The New Quon CWB6B Dump Trucks

UD Truck Indonesia launched its latest product, dump truck "The New Quon CWB6B". The launch conducted at the Head Office of PT United Tractors Tbk, Cakung, East Jakarta, which is the Japanese distributor of the truck. In Indonesia, the sole agent of this brand is PT UD Trucks Indonesia.

Previously UD Trucks was named UD Nissan Trucks. After the Japanese truck manufacturer was acquired by Volvo Trucks, UD Trucks renamed. UD stands for "Ultimate Dependability". Because of that, the the UD Trucks manufacturers are also marketed Volvo Trucks (with different company names).

Both the heavy trucks targeting a different market. UD Trucks categorized as moderate, while the Volvo premium. Now, UD Trucks that are made in Japan, is also began to use a lot of Volvo technology. Indonesia is the first country to launch The New Quon CWB6B. UD Trucks Indonesia is the number two market in the world after Japan.

Compared with its predecessor, the engine emission standards is achieved Euro3 for UD CWB45, which means more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Machines used were GH13 and have been adapted to the quality of diesel fuel in Indonesia (non-solar Pertamina Dex). Fuel filter and water separator is added in order to work with diesel fuel sold in Indonesia. Added, the specification published on the same brochure with the ability of machines sold in Indonesia.

GH13 is a 6-cylinder diesel engine, turbo intercooler, 12 777 cc engine that produces 367 PS (270 kW) @ 1899 rpm and 1754 rpm Nm@950-1.450. For transmission, chosen for 8-speed manual and comes with a hydraulic power steering. Another change is the new cabin design. On the new CW, circular designed cabin for the driver and designed with the concept of SAFE (Safety and firendly Evaluate System).

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