New Honda Freed facelift at lower price

PT Honda Prospect Motor re-done facelift on one of its products, following completion of the facelift on the CR-V, Honda Freed now got a touch of change. New Honda Freed is now offering various design changes on a more stylish headlamps, grille, bumper, rear lights, rear license and a new color on the interior.

New Honda Freed

Some changes can be found on the exterior and interior New Honda Freed. On the exterior changes to a more stylish design on the headlamps, grille, bumper, rear lights, rear license garnish, alloy wheels.

There is also the use of new green tinted heat rejecting heat at the glass as an antidote to the side and rear glass to keep the cabin to stay cool.

On the inside of the car there is a new interior color, the use of multilevel dashboard to open cafe concept by blending shades of beige fabric with black in the first row.

For type E and S there is a setting that seats can be easily arranged through the new features seat height adjusment. The new Freed also features the presence of A / V system with the new touch screen and remote control to play music and movies from DVD, VCD or USB is compatible with iPhone and iPod and Bluetooth ready.

New Honda Freed is offered in three types, type A with an automatic transmission with a price of IDR 210 million. Type S with the concept of extra comfort at a price of IDR 230.5 million. And type E for sheer driving pleasure offered at a price of IDR 261 million
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