Harga Mobil Baru Smart 2012

Harga Mobil Baru Smart 2012 - The following New Car Prices List of Smart is an indicative price of "On The Road" condition according to the price list of Smart dealer. Prices not binding and subject to change. Please contact your local dealer for precise retail price and promo discount of your desired vehicle.

Model / Type Price ( IDR )
● Smart Fortwo Cabrio Passion 52 kW Micro Hybrid 269.000.000
● Smart Fortwo Coupe Passion 52 kW Micro Hybrid 249.000.000
● Smart Fortwo Coupe Pure 45 kW Micro Hybrid 219.000.000

Smart, is an automotive branch of Daimler AG. Smart is a German manufacturer of microcars produced in Hambach, France, and Böblingen, Germany. It is marketed as the "smart" in all lower-case, with the Smart brand logo, as of 2010, denoting a letter "c" for "compact" and an arrow for "forward thinking".

The debut of two concept cars: the eco-sprinter and eco-speedster, styled by Mercedes-Benz's design studio in California. The cars were reminiscent of the eventual Smart City-Coupé.

Harga Mobil Baru Smart - Harga Mobil Indonesia

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