Harga Mobil Baru Audi 2012

Harga Mobil Baru Audi 2012 - The following New Car Prices List of Audi is an indicative price of "On The Road" condition according to the price list of Audi's dealer. Prices not binding and subject to change. Please contact your local dealer for precise retail price and promo discount of your desired vehicle.

Model / Type Price IDR
● A3 2.0 TFSI S-tronic 525.000.000
● A4 1.8 A/T TFSI 533.000.000
● A5 3.2 TFSI Quattro
● A6 2.8 FSI 790.000.000
● A6 3.0 TFSI Quattro 990.000.000
● A8L 3.0 FSI quattro 1.700.000.000

● TT 2.0 TFSI S-tronic 898.000.000
● TT 2.0 TFSI Quattro

● Q5 2.0 TFSI Quattro 845.000.000
● Q7 3.0 TFSI Quattro

● R8 5.2 V10 4.900.000.000

Audi AG is a German manufacturer of automobiles marketed under the Audi brand. The company is headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany, and has been a wholly-owned (99.55%) subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen AG) since 1964. Volkswagen Group relaunched the Audi brand with the 1965 introduction of the Audi 60 range. Shortly thereafter the name was acquired as part of Volkswagen's purchase of the Auto Union assets from former owner, Daimler-Benz. The company name is based on the surname of the founder August Horch, the name itself an English cognate with the English word "hark", meaning listen — which when translated into Latin, becomes Audi.

Harga Mobil Baru Audi - Harga Mobil Indonesia

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