The New Toyota Avanza hit the street

Toyota Avanza has added a new variant of the family alike Avanza 1500 cc engine wear. New Avanza Avanza 1.5 G and Veloz.

The difference was evident on the exterior, visible from the design of grille, front bumper, rear, and the cat's eyes in the back. While from the side, clearly felt the difference with applications in the Avanza Veloz asymmetric rim, and rim the fan on the New Avanza. In addition, the exterior color choices in the Avanza Veloz fewer than New Avanza. In type Avanza Veloz provided four elegant colors of silver mica metallic, dark steel mica, white and black metallic.

While New Avanza is available in eight different colors, namely the four colors plus color Avanza Veloz metallic light blue, maroon mica, metallic gray and champagne metallic.

Go into the cabin, the difference also feels thick. This time it looks from the color of the interior where New Avanza issued a cheerful aura of a typical family with a blend of two tone beige and black color. While Avanza Veloz more minimalist silver accented with a black coating on some panels.

Avanza Veloz Interior

Entertainment features are also different, relying on New Avanza 2-DIN audio system with 4 speakers without setting buttons on the steering wheel. While Avanza Veloz fitted 2-DIN system with 6 speakers that can be arranged with the buttons on the steering wheel.

Avanza 1.5-G Interior

New Avanza 1.5 G variant is only provided in the manual, while the Avanza Veloz available in manual and automatic versions. In addition, there are additional features of ABS and anti-fog on the glass behind the special is available on the variant Avanza Veloz.

The All-New Toyota Avanza sold starting from lowest model priced at IDR 144 million to the highest IDR 182 million (1.5 Veloz).

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