Daihatsu All-New Sirion Deluxe

Daihatsu Indonesia launched a new variant of Sirion called the All-New Sirion Deluxe. The difference of this new variant with the standard version, the whole "dress-up" done on the exterior. Among other things, the additional words "Deluxe" in rear fog light cover (fog lamp cover) in front, side body molding on the sides and that makes appearance is more sporty alloy rims (alloy) 16 inch (standard 14 inches).

Another addition in the rear, spoiler, chrome ornament on the rear glass (bottom) and wheel mudguard rear (rear mud guard) and muffler cutter or accentuate the exhaust tip. With this addition, Sirion Deluxe set at Rp 10 million more expensive than the standard, the manual transmission version of IDR 149, 5 million and an automatic IDR 160, 5 million.

Although Sirion imported intact from Malaysia, but specifically for the Deluxe, additional accessories including rims and installation is carried out in Indonesia. With the addition of this variant, Daihatsu hopes to sell 600-650 units Sirion per month.

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