Maserati SUV unveil

Maserati announced it will exhibit their new sport utility vehicle (SUV) model at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, this September. Though it’s premium sedan car manufacturers from Italy has not shown the form of the SUV, including where it will be produced.

Fiat SpA, owner of Maserati, finally shows an actual SUV figure. There is also informed that the vehicle will be manufactured using Chrysler Group’s facility at North Jefferson, Detroit.

Maserati SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee was based technology with a mix of Fiat and Chrysler. In fact, some experts from off-road department to be involved.

Whether the characters and the passion Italians will disappear with a Maserati SUV produced in US? Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati, assured that the SUV is still pure and strong with Italian style.

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