Porsche opened new showroom in Surabaya

PT. Eurokars Artha Utama opened their new showroom in Surabaya. Porsche aims to sell 14 units in Surabaya until the end of 2011.Target is 20 percent of the total sales of 70 units throughout Indonesia. If targets are met, meaning users Porsche in Surabaya and East Java, carrying 62 people. This is because since 2002 until now, had 48 cars sold in the market Surabaya.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing PT Artha Utama Eurokars Judy W. Widodo said, if the showroom is a significant marketing support Porsche, it is not possible it will also build the Porsche Centre in Surabaya just like one in Jakarta. "If within 10 months there is a significant marketing development, we would think to make the Porsche Center in Surabaya equipped service and spare parts services, in addition to sales service," he said.

Porsche showroom is located in West side of Surabaya elite district, precisely at the Lenmarc Mall, built jointly by PT Euroauto Trans Pratama and PT Eurokars Artha Utama. Porsche sales in Jakarta this year's record sales increased significantly among the other cities in Asia. Two types of car sales is the biggest contributor in the type of Cayenne and Panamera.

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