Isuzu Trucks GIGA FVZ and FRR

PT. Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI), until the end of this year will launch five variants and two new truck models, including trucks GIGA FVZ and FRR, this two are allready launched at the plant Pondok Ungu, Bekasi, West Java.

GIGA FVZ and FRR is a product of global heavy duty diesel common rail that their specifications are tailored to the characteristics of Indonesia. Need two-year research and testing of one year so that this product meets the needs of the Indonesian market. Until the end of the year, Isuzu's sales target of up to 600 units.

To type FVZ 34, this 6x4 truck entered in the class gross vehicle weight (GVW) 26 ton capacity equipped machine 6HK1CTS 7.790cc, 6-cylinder-powered 285 PS with torque of 90 kgm at 1450-2400 rpm. Isuzu claimed this trucks main advantages are in power above the average of the highest competitor 260 PS and fuel efficient. The target market is the mining and plantation FVZ such as Sumatra and Kalimantan. To this day 200 orders already entered.

While the type FRR 90, categorized as medium truck with GVW of 10 tons 4x2 4-cylinder engine, Heavy Duty Common Rail turbo intercooler-powered 190 PS and torque of 52 kgm at 1600-2600 rpm. IAMI said that FRR 90 targeting to the distribution business on the island of Java. This truck offers the same power with competitors but more fuel-efficient and long-time durability, such as parts replacement interval is longer. To this day, Isuzu has pocketed 40 orders from customers and ready to be distributed in stages beginning later this month.

Isuzu truck GIGA FVZ and FRR cost IDR 690 million and IDR 340 million (off the road).

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