Hyundai Grand Avega 2011

PT. Hyundai Mobil Indonesia ready to launch their new products the Grand Avega in the event Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), information from the Hyundai community showed that the figure of this new vehicle will not be a sedan, but the hatchback.

The shape is very different from the old Avega and more like concept car Hyundai Verna RB (sedan), while the rear end stern Verna hatchback style that has been marketed in Europe. Reportedly, the HMI is being introduced this unit to each dealer's sales team throughout Indonesia.

When asked the selling price, the HMI is still not giving further explanation. When viewed from the eyes, Grand Avega going head to head with the Ford Focus which is still has minimal rival in the class 1.600cc petrol and 2000cc diesel. With this competition, the estimated price will be above IDR 200 millions.

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