New Rush G Luxury

PT. Toyota Astra Motor, as sole agent Toyota in Indonesia, marketed a new variant of sport utility vehicles the Rush G Luxury without ABS during June-July. TAM did not want to tout the product as marketed only in a limited time, cope with component shortages caused by the tsunami.

Since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Toyota's production in Indonesia has been hampered by supply of essential spare parts, Engine Control Unit (ECU) of Japan disrupted. In fact, demand for cars in Indonesia are growing significantly. In order not to lose the momentum that's growing, TAM offers a new variant the Rush G Luxury.

Toyota Rush demand before the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, reaching more than 1,500 units. But after the tsunami, we were forced to halt production and sales, due to the limited supply of spare parts.

Based on data from TAM, on Rush's January 2011 sales reached 1732 units, down in February to 1520 units, but climbed back through 2071 unit in March. Post-tsunami, Rush April and May sales dropped to 1523 units and 1828 units.

According to TAM, Rush G Luxury is not much different from Rush type S both outside and in appearance, just do not have the ABS feature. He is optimistic that Rush G Luxury has market in Indonesia, although did not want to say the target sales of products that marketed only during the months of June and July.

TAM released that price for Rush G Luxury manual transmission (MT) IDR 201.55 million per unit and automatic transmission (AT) IDR 215, 55 million per unit.

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