All New KIA Picanto 2011

All New Picanto, a new compact car product of PT. KIA Mobil Indonesia, likely to be a threat Nissan March is now beginning to be seen on the roads of Indonesia. Although both have a 1200 cc engine, all-new Picanto has a more complete feature, including the sun roof and environmentally friendly technologies Dynamic Eco.

Besides threatening the Nissan March, the sedan is intended as a successor of Picanto and entered as a "city car" could also be a potential competitor for Suzuki Splash and the Chevrolet Spark, on it's arrival in Indonesia in July 2011 later. Besides having a sun roof, all-new Picanto also has a button start / stop to turn on and / or shut off the engine, without having to use the key.

Carrying 1.248 cc Kappa engine, produced 87 PS @6.000 rpm power peak and 12,3 kg-m @4.000 rpm torque. For fuel consumption, Kia claims that the All-New Picanto spent 1 liter of gazoline for a distance of 23.3 km outside the city and 14.9 km per liter in the city.

In addition to a more attractive design and revolutionary than the Picanto predecessor existing in the country, all-new Picanto has features that are complete enough for a city car. In addition to sun roof and start / stop button, also has an auto leveling for the headlamp, the audio button on the steering wheel, fog lamp, stability control, smart key, six-six airbags for safety, and climate control to regulate the temperature automatically when driving.

While Eco Dynamic is the standard European car serves to adjust automatically to the car to be fuel-efficient when driven with a certain speed or when stopped due to stuck in traffic.

All-New Kia Picanto Picanto marketed in Indonesia in two variants. First, with 5-speed manual transmission and is sold at IDR 125 million (on the road, in Jakarta). Second, the All-New Picanto 4-speed automatic transmission, which will released at IDR 139 million (also on the road).

Meanwhile, to ensure product quality, Kia gives 5-year warranty or 150,000 km mileage. Sales of the All-New Picanto will performed on next July 7 2011.

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