The New Pajero Sport VGT Launched

One of the Mitsubishi's flagship product in the SUV segment, The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport with the upgraded engine, launched today. If previously, their diesel engines used the "common rail" direct injection and turbo-intercooler technology , now equipped with a VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo).

This new machine has been introduced to the press in the mid 15 April. Base engine is unchanged, still with a capacity of 2.5 liters. The new technology is embedded with a turbo blades or propellers that can be converted corner, according to work load or engine speed. Engine compression ratio was also changed - much lower from 17: 1 to 16.5: 1.

The highlights characteristics of of this VGT diesel engine, is huge increase of power and torque. Power increase from 136 PS or 100 kW to 176 PS or 131 kW. Very large or about 30 percent. Maximum power is obtained at a higher RPM.

Torque, also had passed from 314 Nm to 350 Nm or about 10 percent. In this new engine, torque is obtained in the range of lower and medium rotation, ie 1800-3500 rpm (flat torque). With these characteristics, a machine called by Mitsubishi a DI-D (direct injection diesel) more convenient to use, both at low speed (including time loss) and high speed.

Another factor that makes the engine performance even more powerful is fuel pressure in common rail or fuel supply system is also higher than the previous diesel engine.

The new Pajero Sport VGT is currently available only in 4x4 Automatic Transmission variants, marketed at a price of IDR. 468 million on the road of Jakarta (not including progressive taxes).

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