The End of Lancer Evolution

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announces that the principal will stop producing its legendary Sedan the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, as soon as two years (2013). Although demand is still consist, the company however focus more on EV technology (electronic vehicle). So, we have to stop production, "said Gayu Eusegi, head of Global Product Development of Mitsubishi.

Gayu Eusegi added, Evolution assume responsibility for brand image length nearly two decades. But the environmental conditions around it has changed, and Evo is no longer fit the company's vision, which is: create a vehicle with an alternative energy for the future. Thus, Evo is considered not fit with this new company policy. Starting this year, MMC will launch eight new models of everything tech hybrids, plug-in hybrid and pure electric until 2015.

Lancer Evolution's reputation in the World Rally Championship event is monumental with Tommi Makinen along side who managed to win the world champion four times (1996-1999) to rely on the Lancer Evo II to IV and became the golden era of the Mitsubishi Lancer.

Success in the sports arena make automotive production Lancer series that began in 1992 (Lancer Evo I) continues to run smoothly until it reaches the generation X. Lancer Evo X (ten), this concept was introduced in 2005 and was marketed in Japan 2007.

"Maybe the world has changed and that someday we can create electric sports car to return to the sports competition oncemore," said Eusegi.

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