The New Isuzu Elf 2011

PT. Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia as one of the automotive manufacturers who focus on the commercial segment launched the new Isuzu vehicles known as The Isuzu Elf light truck.

This vehicle is intended to answer the needs of customers in carrying out its business and in an effort to get closer in the heart of society. With improved engine performance turbodiesel engine to 125 ps and 100ps Turbo intercooler, Isuzu Elf now powered increasingly, so can it can carry take more load but yet fuel efficient.

Isuzu also trying to promote the safety factor, safety and comfort in driving, therefore in this new truck, Isuzu adds several new features in all variants of Isuzu Elf include: new engine with a power of 120 ps and 100ps Turbo intercooler turbodiesel, the new Headlights to ensure the security and safety of driving, Reverse Parking Camera, is the first and the only light truck vehicles in Indonesia using a reverse parking camera, Automotic seatbelt, New 60 Amp Alternator for type 55 and NKR NHR 55, Single CD and Radio and some refreshment on the exterior Isuzu Elf, which is body color, mirror and body striping.

New Isuzu Elf 2011 - Harga Mobil Indonesia

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