Nissan March Available on Dec 2010

Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) as the distributor of Nissan brand in Indonesia are planning to market one of their little car that is March (AKA : Micra in Europe). Nissan March has smaller dimensions than Livina, with a compact 1.2-liter engine capacity, 3-cylinder DOHC, who claimed to be the engine already carry the eco-car. Nissan will provide 2 transmission options, manual and automatic. To be more competitive, Nissan plans to assemble March at the Nissan factory in Indonesia. This step shows the seriousness of Nissan in capturing the small car market in Indonesia. Nissan March that will be assembled in the country is the latest generation of March. With the Nissan March in RI were produced, the price of small cars that will be increasingly competitive.

So far, Nissan has held a series of market tests in place of magnificent shopping in Jakarta. The results obtained were much Indonesian consumers are interested. In Thailand, Nissan March first marketed. The little car priced with prices starting from IDR 106 million, and the luxury version with automatic CVT transmission IDR 155 million.

>> Nissan March Price List

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