Intelligent Geely, world cheapest car ever

Geely, one of China's automobile manufacturer ready to built a cheap car and spread universal threat to competitors. They new cars "Intelligent Geely" (IG), which previously appeared on the Beijing Auto Show prestigious automotive arena is ready to be produced and marketed in 2013 at the upcoming 2012.

This car is so compelling, it's target price is very cheap, while this car is only priced at 10,000 RMB (approximately IDR 13.000.000). From the matter of price, the IG is equal to the price of most motorcycle in Indonesia. Instead PT Geely Mobil Indonesia (GMI) even exposed possibility being bringing this car to Indonesia. If this is true GMI future intentions, the IG would be an attractive choice for those who want to switch from motor to the car. Besides the prices that are barely different from the motor, this car would break the universal predicate cheapest car that had been held by the Tata Nano, it's current price has gone up to between U.S. $ 2800-3800 (IDR 26 to 35.200.000). IG concept looks impressive in the arena of the Beijing Auto Show with it's design and latest technology. In it's concept model, IG apply gull-wing doors with futuristic curves.

Meanwhile, for the power plant, Geely IG is applying the concept of hybrid technology by combining a conventional engine with a capacity of 998 cc along with an electric motor. With the combination of two power, the Geely IG capable drove up to the speed of 150 km/h. Those power are sourced from a contribution of conventional engine power wich able to burst power 52 kW at 6000 rpm with torque reaching 93 Nm at 3400-3800 RPM, while the electric motor driven by Iron Phosphate lithium capable of belching power up to 60 kW at 6000 rpm engine speed reaches 180 Nm of torque at 6000 RPM.

So it's been good news for moms who need simple tansportation to deliver their kids to school or goes to nearest market for shoping since they can avoid wet rainyday and escape from daily heat :D.

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